Thanks for the adventure
I am a Disney princess, a wizard, a consulting detective, a hobbit, an M.I.B. agent, a jedi, a Narnian, a labyrinth runner, a mermaid, a pirate, an Avenger, an Aperture test subject, a caped crusade, a looney toon, a Simpson, a pokemon trainer, a spy, an adventurer, a hero. I have lived a thousand lives and I will live a thousand more.

6. Romantic Gesture (your favorite thing one did for the other)

I’m sure they mean something big and plot changing but my absolute favorite romantic gesture in any Disney movie is when Beast runs his fingers through Belle’s hair. There’s just something so intimate about this moment that I just love. I truly feel that this scene wouldn’t have been as beautiful if the animators didn’t put this in. I feel that this gesture he does just screams “I love you” without him even saying it. I always get chills every time I see it.